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Air Taxi Operators

A Flight International article has a great update highlighting some of the more than 16 different European air taxis operators who are flying now or plan on doing so by 2010. In an informative article entitled “Will the emergence of VLJs as air taxis transform air travel?” authored by Kate Sarsfield, it is clear that the European air taxi marketplace is far from being defined and in that way will be the similar to the US market: a wide variety of models and aircraft (at least initially). The article contains discussions about Blink, Bikkair, JetBird, Taxijet, AccelJet and Air Cab.

One of the most interesting statistics comes from Iceland’s AccelJet which claims “that charter movements at the capital’s airport in Reykjavik have grown by 4,000% since 2003, from 116 to 4,600 movements a year. There is a huge demand for business aircraft services within Iceland - serving remote locations - and from Iceland to other European destinations.
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